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Membership of the ANZSVN provides not only ongoing professional development support, but facilitates relationships and mentoring within the vascular nursing space.

There are currently 3 'groups' to which you can form your Membership;

- National (ANZSVN)

- South Australia/Tasmania (SASVN)

- Queensland (QSVN)

There are 2 types of Membership;

Active Membership

Nurses registered with the Australian or New Zealand Registering Authority. Active members will automatically be deemed members of the ANZSVN.

Associate Membership

Allied Health Professionals, Nursing Students and others with an interest in supporting the purpose of the Society and may not hold office or vote.

The benefits of Membership with the ANZSVN includes;

  • Access to the Members Area of this site which includes; Professional Development and Training Materials and links, Blogs from leaders in the profession and access to Webinars

  • Reciprocal membership to state based vascular nursing association;

  • Receive the quarterly ANZSVN Newsletter;

  • Discount to the ANZSVS Annual Scientific Conference;

  • Eligible to enter the ANZSVN Awards categories

  • Eligible to vote at the ANZSVN AGM

  • Eligible to nominate for and hold a Committee Position of elected

  • Member of a peer support group through the ANZSVN Committee

  • Your Membership will also support the activities and advocacy undertaken by the ANZSVN.

For those in the WA/NT/VIC/NSW/New Zealand regions where a group does not currently reside or has elected to run their financial  business through the ANZSVN please join as an ANZSVN (National) Member.

PLEASE NOTE: : There are 2 types of Membership Subscription Plans: (Annual Renewing – a automated recurring membership subscription charged annually from the date of sign up) or 12 Month Subscription (1 year - requires manual renewing each year). 

To cancel your Membership simply login into your account and head to 'My Membership'.

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