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Call out for Consultation on the Venous Leg Ulcer Clinical Practice Guideline

The Venous Leg Ulcer Guideline Committee* are excited to release the first section on ‘Assessment’ for the updated Clinical Practice Guideline for the Prevention and Treatment of Venous Leg Ulcers for consultation across Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, and New Zealand.

We seek feedback from anyone interested in leg ulcers, including patients and their families/whānau. We especially would like indigenous peoples voice to ensure we are providing the best guidance to improve healthcare and outcomes for people affected by leg ulcers. We encourage you to share the survey with other interested parties.

Consultation closes on 23 June 2024

*The Committee consists of an expert methodologist and clinical experts from Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, and New Zealand Wound Healing Societies. 

The consultation site is available for you to review here:

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I read the paper and found the paper ,to be exactly what a person would like to know about each conditions. In each section it was good to look for each condition and what to do what and to do in .

the paper was an easy read

thank you

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